Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learning How to Type

Hi, bloggers! It's Milay again. Today, I want to encourage people how to type. Not necessarily type fast but at least, know how to type. First things first. You have to be acquainted with the keyboard. Or if you're using an old squeaky typewriter, you must know the keys. There are different types of keyboards. There's the QWERTY type or the Dvorak type.

What we use is the QWERTY type. When we used the typewriter back then, the logic behind the QWERTY is that the keys wouldn't get entangled with each other unlike if it was the ABC style. I'm not much of a historian but that's how I understand this type of keyboard we are using. The Dvorak isn't that much used and a lot of people even haven't heard of this type of keyboard. To find out what it is, you can just use Google and type in the word Dvorak and there are a lot of things about it and you will know what it's really like.

So, now you know what type of keyboard we use. Learning to type isn't really that hard. You just have to know where the letters are placed. Like typing ASDF, that's on the left hand. Then, JKL; is on the right hand. And there are these two lines that indicate F and J as the point where you have to go back to after reaching out for the upper and lower letters on the keyboard.

The way to learn how to type is, or my secret to learning to type is what my sister taught me - type the sentence THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOGS. Why? Because all the letters are in that sentence and you will get to memorize the placing of the letters if you keep typing that sentence over and over.

Then when I got to high school, we got to practice all the right letters using the proper finger for each letter. I was lucky enough to get to learn typing back then. It really helped me a lot. Just imagine, I used a manual typewriter to type reports and articles and I had to bring the article to the editor. Or I had to fax the article to the magazine. And to make copies of these, I would have to have it photocopied. It was tedious but it was very helpful.

Times have changed, obviously. Now, I use a laptop computer to send emails and compose articles or type in transcripts and just attach it to my email and send it to the recipient and, voila, the email, article or transcript reaches my recipient in a few minutes.

And typing is a breeze. The laptop keyboard or any computer keyboard was tailored after the manual typewriter, which is basically the same principle. Knowing this, it was easy for me to adjust. My fingers wouldn't have to get inserted in between the keys and stop typing. Now, I just have to press the keys on the keyboard and the letters pop up instantly.

So, if I were you, I'd practice typing on the typewriter, if you have one, and when you transfer to the computer, typing is easier. That I can assure you.

Just keep practicing typing and you'll reach the 100 words per minute record and be proud of yourself. Wait til you hear your friends tell you, "You're a monster in typing!"

Haha. Well, that's just how it is. Start typing. Now.


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