Friday, November 5, 2010

A First Time Chicken Event

I was late for the office on that day.  But I already asked permission from our team leader that I would be attending an event on October 14 for bloggers. I'm glad I did.  

It's all about chicken.  I learned that chicken is better to eat than most meat like pork and beef because of its nutritious value.  That is what Bounty Fresh wants to impart to its customers.  

During the event, Bounty Fresh's nutritionist, Joan Sumpio explained how nutritious chicken is.  It has protein, phosphorus, vitamins B3 and B6 and selenium.  I didn't know that before this event.  There are other nutrients found in chicken.  There's iron, fat, calcium, beta-carotene and vitamins B1 and B2.  So, chicken is packed with those nutrients for our growing family.  

And to this, Bounty Fresh has recommended a daily menu for parents to serve their children with nutrition-packed food for a more healthy lifestyle.  These are their suggestions.  

  1. Chicken Afritada
  2. Fried Chicken
  3. Chicken Adobo
  4. Chicken Bar-b-q
  5. Chicken Tinola
  6. Chicken Curry
  7. Chicken Fillet Steak
  8. Lemon chicken
  9. Chicken Cubes Menudo
  10. Chicken Ala King
And many others.  These are just some of the dishes that we could prepare with chicken.  And down below are some of the concoctions of Chef Bruce Lim of The Chef's Table using Bounty Fresh's chicken products. Check them out.  


The Chef at work, Bruce Lim.  

That's the chicken tocino right there.  Doesn't it look tempting?  Wait, there's more.

Now, isn't that so delicious?  Doesn't that make your mouth water with so much gusto?

That's the chicken sausage that is so delicious.  I never thought chicken could taste that good.  

I have a video of Chef Bruce in action on this link:

Hope you can check it out. 



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SEO Secrets for Your Website

SEO - I'm sure you've heard of that or have some idea of what it is.  Let me refresh your mind.  It's Search Engine Optimization.  Now, I'm not a technical expert on that but here's an event that could give you a bigger picture of what that whole SEO thingy is all about.  It's the Google Insider Secrets to Search Engine Optimization seminar that's going to be held on August 25 and 26, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria, Manila.  

This two-day seminar will teach you the secrets on how to use SEO for your website.  Now, you're probably thinking why is SEO very important?  There are quite a lot of reasons why this is so.  I can name at least two.  One of which is the use of keywords.  Keywords are usually part of the content of your website.  If there are keywords in your website, there is a big chance that when people search for your product with a specific keyword for it, your site will be searchable in Google and probably land on the first page.  Aside from creating traffic, because keywords can help build traffic to your site, you can also link to other websites which have high traffic too and this in turn can increase your visibility on the Net. 

So how does one get to be at the top rank in Google?  Now, that's what Google Insider Secrets to Search Engine Optimization is for.  You will learn more what SEO is all about, why it is so important, what do you have to do to get more traffic, know what the competition is doing, or even know how to dominate the search engines, yes, that's right.  You will get first-hand secrets to utilizing Google and work your way in it to your advantage.  Two of the most sought-after speakers on SEO will guide you into the Google Insider Secrets.  Simon Leung, retired most senior Google Optimization Specialist and Fabian Lim, the CEO of Asia Internet and Director of Click   

Learning more about websites and Google can make your company one of the top visited sites and that equates to more sales.  This will also work best if you get your marketing people to attend this one-time event.  This will be perfect for them or anyone who is interested in marketing using digital media. 

What are you waiting for?  Grab your seats to this first ever event and get your site at the top.  For more information or other inquiries, please call LENI at 470-1055 or SMS: 0905-3364486.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Online shopping has become the in thing these days. I, for one, have tried online shopping and it has been successful on my end. There are sites that contain a lot of things within a webpage and that kind of distracts me to buy from that site. But with, it's easy to take a look at the item and kind of scrutinize it. The description on the post can be easily seen and so are the photos and once you click on the smaller icon of the photo, it will easily go to that photo in an instant.  A prospective buyer like me can easily contact the seller through their numbers posted in the webpage.

It's a site where people strictly buy and sell . At this site, people can post their wares to a wide customer range. I saw in their list of items for sale which are original items that are for high-end buyers. That means that the people who check out the site aren't just the middle class. This site also caters to the AB crowd, which usually are the people who can afford to buy those items. So if you have anything to buy and sell, this is the place for you. Even the most expensive items are up for sale there.  

But the one that caught my attention definitely isn't that expensive and it's found in the cellphones for sale and is an unusual kind of a cellphone.  Its design is unlike any other phone I've seen from other sites that sell mobile phones.    

Here's the photo of that unique and cute cellphone. It's worth P5500 and take a look at its features below.  It's just amazing! 

What do you think?  I'm already sooo tempted to buy one.  I'm going to wait for my budget and get one of those soon.  Check out and you'll know what I mean.    

Friday, July 2, 2010

Panciteria Lido, Home of Pugon-Roasted Asado

I have known Panciteria Lido way back in 2003 or 2004 when it was someone's birthday.  Since we have Chinese blood, we know the asado dish and it was one of my favorite dishes when eating in a Chinese restaurant.  That was what I would look for in a Chinese restaurant.  And if the asado we order wasn't good, I wouldn't recommend that to friends. 

My mother knew Panciteria Lido that was in Binondo then.  So when we saw Panciteria Lido along West Avenue and it was a new branch and nearer to our residence, we would eat there for birthday celebrations within the family and definitely order their ever-famous Pugon-Roasted Asado.  Eating at Panciteria Lido is not complete without having their Pugon-Roasted Asado.

That was several years ago and Panciteria Lido has grown over the years and now has its newly-opened branch along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, on the ground floor of Capital Towers right in front of Trinity College, to be exact.  Several bloggers were there and got a taste of what Panciteria Lido has to offer. 

We got to try their Steamed Tofu topped with green and red bell peppers and white onions and see how it looks so tempting to eat already.

Then we were served their Chami Special.  


The next viand that we were served was the, guess what?  Yup, you guessed it.  The Pugon-Roasted Asado.  And it was really a plateful and of course, the taste was so delicious and succulent, you can even eat it without the sauce, thanks to their unique way of cooking this dish, their specialty.  It's "carefully cured loin of pork is roasted using an old-fashioned brick oven in just the right amount of heat from firewood."  As it says in one of their gigantic posters that you can see once you're inside their restaurant.    

Hmmm... doesn't it look so tempting?  Aren't you hungry already?  It's so tender and meaty and a mouth-watering dish that everyone would really love to have at a very affordable price too.  This is what makes Panciteria Lido unique among other Chinese restaurants that makes one want to come back to. 

Another pride of theirs is the Drunken Lechon Macau.  It is called as such because it is marinated with wine to make it more inviting and crisp to the bite and yet tender on the inside. 

They not only serve pork.  For those who love fish, this dish is for you.  It's their Steamed Fish Fillet in Soy Sauce.  Hmmm...its fish meat was so tender and well-cooked to suit the fish lover's taste buds. 

This is their serving of the shrimp balls with authentic shrimp meat inside.  I couldn't get enough of this that is why I put it on top of my rice.  It was so crunchy and delectable and goes well with the Yangchow Fried Rice.   


Oh, yes, they served us their Yangchow Fried Rice.  Even if I shouldn't be eating rice, I love Yangchow Fried Rice.  They cooked it like the way I wanted it.  It tastes just right and I definitely wouldn't miss it for the world. 


And for me, my finale was the Hot Chocolate that they served after eating the mouth-watering dishes they prepared for us. 

Just look at its rich, chocolatey texture.  It's worth your P70 for a cup. 

Panciteria Lido in Capital Towers has this cozy interior that is very welcoming to any customer who want to get a taste of their unique menu, that sets them apart from any other Chinese restaurant. 

On the business side, Panciteria Lido earns around roughly more than P60000 per day in this branch, which was higher than their expected profit even if it is not that big for a restaurant and this even makes it so inviting for an investor who wants to see the fruits of his labor after a year or so, or even less. 

This is because of the take-out orders and delivery service that they have.  They deliver right at your doorstep for those who live within a 1.5-kilometer radius. 

Since Panciteria Lido has already three branches to serve old and new customers alike, they are spreading their wings and they are now open for franchising.  Their first franchise, which is located in Ground Floor, JOHVER Bldg 1, 23 President’s Avenue, BF Commercial Plaza, BF Homes, Paranaque City, is now under construction and will be open to the public on August 8.  

It is interesting to note that an initial investment on a Panciteria Lido franchise could make its investors gain back their return-on-investment (ROI) within just 1.5 years instead of the usual ROI of 3 years. 

It looks like Panciteria Lido is way ahead of the pack in terms of its menu and business outlook.  Going into franchising is a great way preserve the legacy of Mr. Lido's Pugon-Roasted Asado, Drunken Lechon Macau, Steamed Fish Fillet Soy Sauce and all their exciting dishes that has been around since 1936.  Not only is it authentic Chinese food, Panciteria Lido also has a tinge of Spanish orientation with its Syphon-brewed Coffee and the Hot Chocolate they serve their customers.  And they guarantee that their dishes are 100% NO MSG ADDED.   

So what are you waiting for?  Go to Panciteria Lido and reward yourself that special Pugon-Roasted Asado that they are proud of.  I'm sure you won't regret it.  In fact, you wouldn't forget it that you'd like to go back again and again. 

If I were you, I'd go there as soon as I get the chance.  Just like I did.  It was worth it. 


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What will you do if you will win $100?

This is my entry to the contest

Yes, what will I do with the $100 if I win it?  Well, there are so many things to pay.  I will pay my bills like for the Internet service provider, my phone bills.  

After paying the bills, I'll try to buy things that my kids will need.  Or if that isn't enough, maybe I could buy the cell phone model that I need.  And it's just right below. 

If the money isn't enough, I'll save some more so I can get that cell phone model that I need.  My cellphones are all outmoded, well, there are just two of them, actually.  I want something that can take photos and I can listen to music at the same time. 

Or if I can still save that $100, I will buy this dream camera of mine.  I saved it in my pictures folder so I could take a look at it every day. 

Well, those are my dream things at the moment.  I do wish I could win that $100 and there's nothing wrong in dreaming and wishing.  For one day, I know my dream has come true if I keep dreaming about them non-stop.   

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I hope this is correct.  I am joining because I also want to help.  Join in too!

Power Kids Run by Tiffany Chocolate

I was invited to the Power Kids Run by a PR guy-friend of mine from way back in 2002. Bloggers were part of the media who would cover events like these.

I got to be part of this momentous event and experienced food-tasting and sampling, checking out new products that will come out in the market or is already out in the market. The event was pretty much a success because it was something that the whole family could enjoy.

The organizers, Tiffany Chocolate, held their first-ever fun run in McKinley Hill just recently. It's only now that I got to blog about it. I have photos of it and I will post them in a while.

There you go. That’s just one of the photos that I took while the event was taking place. It was really crowded because the whole family was part of the affair.

I took photos of the booths that were there while the fun run was happening because most of the people were in the sidelines, watching the race that’s why the booths were empty at this time.

Then there were kids playing old school-type of games like the one below. Just looking at them made one feel, “Oh, shocks, we used to play that game a long time ago!”

This was the soccer game.

It's the Tender Juicy Hotdog mascot. He was entertaining the children and everyone else watching him.

This was a booth that would always be full of people because of their food sampling or drink sampling. But this time, it wasn’t swarmed with people - yet.  But people were starting to approach them already.

Another game that was a bestseller for the kids was the inflatable basketball ring by Purefoods.

Here’s something that I really like. The biggest plastic of pan de sal by Gardenia.

And then, a photo of my little E.J. with the mascot of a laundry service in Makati, Panda Cleaners.

I saw also this cute booth of Kinder Golf. Check it out, there’s the mascot of the Tender Juicy Hotdog.

The next booth is the Panda Cleaners.  As I have said, they're located in Makati.

The Pampanga’s Best booth while the staff was waiting for people to come to their stall after the race.

Now, here’s everybody’s favorite. McDonald’s. This booth was swarmed with people when the host, Suzie Entrata announced that they were giving away free toys for everyone who joined the fun run.

This is the Clara Ole Booth, which was right next to our Evian booth.

This was where the race was held, this was the starting and finish line.

This structure was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. Just don’t mind the inflatable can of Pocari Sweat, I think.

My two lovely daughters, Yuwii and E.J., joking around because I brought them to this event.

Of course, my blogger friends who were invited to this event. From left, Nica, Karen and Josie.

Nica with my daughter, E.J. Don’t they look alike?

Here’s another photo of them. Actually, E.J. didn’t want Nica to let go of her.

Nica and her daughter, Gabby, after her number was called and won some bag of goodies.

We didn’t go home early because the event was until early evening and people were eager to find out the winners and to claim their prizes.

The winners. Father and daughter or the mother and son tandem.

But all in all, it was a great event. I’m sure everyone went home with a lot of things in their hands. There were leaflets, flyers, brochures and other giveaways for the whole family.   And the picture shows all the participating companies of the fun run. 

And due to the success of this Fun Run, Tiffany will hold another Fun Run, this time with longer running distances. Not just up to 3K, these will be 5K, 10K and 16K that’s why it’s called POWER RUN. It will be held on October 10, 2010 and it will coincide with Tiffany’s Great Adventure grand raffle.

For more details, call 364.6201 & 0917.392.8343 or visit for event updates.