Monday, August 31, 2009

Creative Writing 2

Well, I'm not really an expert in blogging but I'm trying my best to write something interesting or something worthwhile.

Being a writer isn't really that easy. Before, I wanted to join the Palanca awards to prove to myself that I could write well. I know people won't believe me if I didn't have any award up in my sleeve. I mean if I'm not an award-winning writer, I feel that I don't have any authority to teach other people to write. That's what stopped me from teaching creative writing to younger people.

I had plans to teach younger people about creative writing. I even had modules prepared for them. I have prepared all the activities, games or lecture. But I stopped to think: "Am I an authority? Do I have enough credentials to teach creative writing?" Yes, it's true, I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in communication arts from DLSU Manila but I don't have the MA degree yet. Nor have I been practicing writing for several years now. Nor have I a book to show to people that I am an accomplished writer licensed to teach.

I had to think things over before I jumped into it. And at one point, I just dropped everything and found another niche that I was good in.

I still am a writer although I set that career aside because I found a job as a transcriptionist and this is full time.

I can still manage to write in my blog but not write for any magazine at the moment. But that's okay. I know there are a lot of good writers around who have established themselves in the particular industry they're comfortable writing about.

I was kind of the all-around writer back then. I tried writing about the construction industry, call center industry, badminton, golf, or anything that was available for me to write about. I was basically dependent on editors to give me an assignment. This assignment would usually entail me to interview a person who is an authority on the topic I was assigned to. It's either I would prepare the questions or the editor would give me the questionnaire for the interview. Sometimes, the questions would be sent before the interview so the interviewee could review and prepare the answers. There are times that the interviewee would just be interviewed on the spot.

Those were my writing days. I sure enjoyed that. I wish I could still do that.

More on Creative Writing on the next blog. Keep reading!

Thank you.

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