Monday, January 21, 2008

Got Home Work

Well, it's been ages since I've written here. I don't normally write in my blog because I just keep the memories to myself that's why sometimes, I forget. At present, life is quite confusing. Our maid has been in and out of the house for 2 days and she's saying that she's going to come back this morning but she isn't here yet. She's such a liar, and I mean a genuine liar and I'm sure she'd have excuses to tell me again. I don't know what she takes us for - gullible people or something or that we trust her so much. I'm sorry I tell her some things but it's okay.

Secrets are meant to be blurted out anyway. That's why these days I don't want to talk to her that much but there's nothing I could do. I don't have anyone to talk with at home except my one year old little girl, my two teenaged children and my mother.

The Got Home Work is something I enjoy doing even if it doesn't pay much. I'm still waiting for people to pay me or react to me. No one has reacted to me yet. I already passed my files.

I don't know. Life right now is undefinable to me. I hope you understand.

See you guys around!