Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad Trip

Excuse me for the title but I really am feeling that way. I was expecting that the maid would come today as she PROMISED, but she's a no-show and not even a text message to me.

My boss is expecting me today to be at the office but I have not left the house because of the no-show maid. It is pretty bad because I don't have any salary for the whole month if I don't work in the office. Where will I get my daily allowance? Or money to spend for my son's birthday this coming September 15?

I feel so fuming mad already. I have been so kind to her and understood her situation with her live-in partner and now, this? Honestly, if she doesn't want to work anymore, she should just tell me straight to my face or through text even. But I didn't receive any of those. Who wouldn't feel so fuming mad, huh?

If only I could leave my three-year-old to someone I can really trust like a relative or something, that would have been ideal. I couldn't leave her to anyone because I feel that she's not their responsibility. She's my responsibility.

Oh, well, I have to give up on this. It's hard to find a reliable, trustworthy maid these days. I want someone who doesn't use the cellphone, who doesn't have a boyfriend nor a husband and kids and someone who is into the job she's doing. Because if she isn't all of those, she's not dependable.

What a day, huh?

I'll write another blog a little later.

Geez... Guys, have a nice day!

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