Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hmmm...  what's thingamajig all about?  Well, it says that it's something that has been forgotten or something that is not wish to be mentioned or something.  I know Dr. Seuss of The Cat in the Hat series says that about his vehicle that travels to different places with two kids.  He calls it the "Thingamajigger".  

At this point, it seems, I do not have much to say or to write about.  There are just lots of ideas in my head that keep popping up but just doesn't come out of my hands.  Haha.  

For one, right now, there are certain things up in my sleeves and I just am not in the liberty of telling anyone right now, not even in this blog.  All I know is that the plumber is here at home today fixing our bathroom problems and my son Pierre is going to the toy con at Megamall, which usually holds cosplays and those are events that I do want to watch.  

It's just frustrating, isn't it?  If I go later, no one will be at home to wait for my 78-year-old mom who keeps forgetting things these days.  So, I just can't not be out of the house because she needs people to be around her all the time in case of emergencies.  

So what's a mom to do, huh?  Well, at the moment, I'm in a dilemma.  I just pray that the plumber will go early so we could go out and be home before my mom gets here.  Haha, you wish, Milay, you wish!