Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taking Application Exams

Well, recently, I just had another transcription exam. It's kind of unique because we were all tested for this copy and edit thing from PDF to word. It was hard because I thought I was good already in exploring word but when I took this exam, I felt I didn't know a thing. Then, we also had an exam on powerpoint. We were supposed to make a powerpoint out of the file they showed us and had to do some tricks to keep it to their format, not the client's. Then, there was the typing test. As usual, it was typing master. Wow! It was great because I got 88 words per minute there and finished the 10 minute typing test in I think 7:45 minutes. That was really the best part for me. And, the final test, the audio transcription. It was the voice of an executive dictating what the transcriber has to do. It was a good dictation because of the voice quality and the pace of the person dictating. It wasn't really that hard. It was actually fun to work on. I hope I really did my best there. The accent was Australian but it was understandable.

Then, I also applied for this website as an internet researcher. The second phase of the application was an exam. There were three parts - Multiple choice, typing, and an essay. The multiple choice was quite confusing but I hope I made the right choices. Then, the typing. I just had to copy verbatim and type fast. I don't know if I typed that fast though. Then the essay. I read the topic and it was about global problems of hunger, poverty, animal extinction, pollution, as in the problems that we face in the new millennium. I was tasked to write down my solutions to these problems. I guess these problems were problems that would entail the governments to do something about it. Or, some problems like water scarcity could be done by saving water starting from the home. And disease spreading could be stopped by starting from ourselves that we should clean everything before we use them and that governments should also disseminate information about that disease if there was an outbreak. It was really not so hard but kind of general. But for those things to be solved, we can start from our own homes. Then, we could help in the community, then the city and then the whole country. For someone like me, I could do very little if I was tasked to solve those problems. But if we do it as one nation or one world, we could very well succeed.

To top it all, I guess examinations aren't that hard, come to think about it. After taking so many exams in the past, I must say I'm a pro at doing this. They're always just exams. After that, the waiting comes. It's the verdict that makes me tense. Interviews aren't that hard either. I mean, I always have this mind set: that the ones who would interview me are also humans, they're not perfect but they're good in their job. So, don't be tense when you're being interviewed. It's just like talking to a boss or a friend but make sure you know your limits.

Thank you and good day, everyone!

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