Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looking for the Right Job

I feel so down today. It's one of those days that leaves me uninspired. It's when companies tell you that they're not sure they'll hire you because you're not fit or you have a baby to take care of or that your resume is filled with short-term jobs which makes things really not nice.

I mean I don't know what it means when they say they put your application on hold that you're being compared to someone else's credentials and they'll give an update after 2 weeks. It's as if they're having second thoughts on my personality. It's really tough on me because I like the job and I can do the job for them. I don't know what's keeping them from hiring me. I wish people would tell me.

That's the problem with Filipinos, they can't say it straight to the point. People, or applicants for that matter, would have to guess what's wrong with them. That's how life is here in the Philippines. Unlike in other places. You would know right away why you don't qualify for the job. At least, even if it breaks your heart, you know where you went wrong. And they did not leave you hanging.

It's really sad for me.

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