Monday, April 23, 2007

Got a Job, Finally

Well, I must say my prayers were answered. I don't know how, I don't know how it came about. All I know is I have a job right now. I'm in a pr firm in Ortigas. It's actually my first day and I am free to do whatever I want today. Our oic for the day said, "It's a light day today so you can do anything you want - surf the net or chat or what have you." That's a good thing because I'm still trying to take in that's happening around me today.

I have applied to several companies and this one was the first one to call me after several months of waiting. I applied in January but it's only this month they called me, last Friday, to be exact.

Although I'm not really a pr person, I tried to answer their exam as best as I could. I was interviewed by the CEO then that time. It was a good thing that I brought my portfolio then. If not, it would've taken a longer time to process my application.

But as an applicant, even if I wasn't asked to bring my samples of work, I brought it, just in case they needed to see my articles or the way I write. The articles would be their basis as to my style of writing. At least, whoever wants to hire me can see that I can prove I have the writing ability. If I didn't get published, it means that I can't write, right?

As I previously mentioned, I have other pending applications in other companies. I told my daughter that even if the compensation was greater in the other office, I'm still not sure of my getting accepted because they are still waiting for other applicants to come in. And in the other applications, one company is still in the decision-making stage if they would get me or not, while another company put my application on hold because of my priorities.

And here I am right now in the office. I'm with a group of happy people. I hope they would always be happy even if they're busy and stressed out.

I'm still thankful I have been taken in. At least, I'm not a 'bum' anymore, waiting for people to call me at home. Actually, that was the consideration I thought of. I was called twice and I felt that I'm needed that's why I'm here. I also hope I do justice to the job. Wish me luck!


Aileen said...

Hi Emily!

'Been a long time. Hindi na tayo nakapag text since that last time you asked me kung ako ba yung nasa dyaryo na aileen hehe...

Congrats on your new job! said...

Congratulations to your new job and all the best!