Thursday, April 19, 2007

Application Time

Geez! I was really surprised today because I was supposed to go to a call center and apply as a call center agent and be like a living zombie. Meaning a life without a nightlife. But I called the office of the person who I was about to turn down. And voila! I talked to her over the phone and discovered that I was one of the shortlisted applicants from the email and she wanted me to apply as a writer and be part of their company. And the pay was way, way higher than I had expected. Can you beat that?

Actually, I was turning down this offer because it was a day shift job and I would find it hard to work during the day because of my daughter's time for herself with her friends when she wants to go out.

But I couldn't resist the lady's offer of the job that I would be missing so I decided to pursue my application with them and she gave me an exam, take home exam at that, mind you. Yes, she is quite lenient and patient with me. She told me over the phone that she was impressed with my resume and I assumed that people really wouldn't be impressed with my resume because of the job hopping kind of background I had.

But I do hope and pray that I would be part of the team and I'm also hoping that I'd make good in the exam.

Thank you, Lord, for clearing my mind and making me see that there are other jobs out there that could fit my qualifications and be appreciated by other people.

I hope I'm not being preachy. Well, thanks again to the One above.

See you guys around!

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