Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UN MY WORLD Luncheon

I was browsing through this writing group I was part of last week and saw a post that was inviting bloggers to join an advocacy being done by the United Nations.  I wrote about it recently.  

As part of the advocacy, blogger colleagues and I were invited to join this luncheon at the 30th Floor of RCBC Plaza Tower 1.  I was basically late for the occasion, but was prepared to take photos of what transpired during the event.  

Ms. Cynthia Arce, the UN Millennium Campaign Coordinator, gave a presentation on what this UN advocacy is all about.  

What will be done to achieve the goals of the World We Want Campaign. 
Results of the survey conducted in these countries.  

The top priorities of Filipinos after the survey was conducted. 

After Ms. Arce's presentation, colleagues asked questions about helping to promote this advocacy.  

We were also introduced to Dr. Luiza Carvalho, UN Resident Coordinator, gave us more insight as to what we as bloggers could do to spread the My World Campaign and its objectives.  

There were questions raised by fellow bloggers addressed to Dr. Carvalho after her explanation of going to come up with a group of people in the blogging industry to help raise awareness of Filipinos on what people could do about this.  

Ending the conference at about a little more than 2 p.m., Dr. Carvalho left the group for another appointment.  

The outcome of this luncheon was to share this awareness with more people and have wider reach for the My World Campaign to give way to consultations and come up with a better society in the years to come.  

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