Thursday, May 16, 2013

The World I Want

I just voted for the choices that I want for the World.  I hope my voice would be heard.  There were other choices but these were closest to my heart.  We could only choose six out of 16 best ways that I want to see in the world.     

The question was:  Which of these are most important for you and your family? It was tough to tick on which one would be most apt for my family.  So the choices I made were the basic stuff my family would need, or they're more immediate.  Did that make sense?  

Anyway, these were my choices:  

1.  Better job opportunities 

The way I would explain this would be hoping that companies would think of jobs that would allow not only a certain age of people to work like putting a bracket to it like 21 to 35 only.  That is quite not fair, right?  

And allow those people who are above 35 who have the necessary skills to work for the position they are going to apply for.  That's the problem in this country.  There's that age range that we have to consider as what I read in a Yahoo article that the Philippines has a young workforce.  

Unlike in other countries, age is NOT an issue.  It's actually discrimination.  For me, as long as the person can still work or is able to work, they still should get hired for their experience and qualifications.  I wish that would also happen in this country.  

2.  A good education

I chose a good education because these days, my kids are in good schools and yet, the professors aren't as competent as they used to be back in the old days.  I remember one time my own daughter complained to me that her professor was teaching English but dropped the subject because the professor had bad grammar.  Like "Did you brought...?"  Or the pronoun he turns to she.  What the...?  How did that professor pass the LET Exam?  I mean I'm not the greatest English-speaking person in the world but that's very basic, right?  

3.  Freedom from discrimination and persecution 

Discrimination is quite rampant in this country.  Take for example Nancy Binay.  I didn't vote for her because of her skin color.  I did not vote for her because I don't know if she has enough experience to work in the Senate. Or I'm just not interested in politics, that's another probable reason.  

Most of our commercials, actors and actresses have fair complexion.  If you're not the stereotype Mestiza, you're not considered 'pretty' in their standards.  Or if you're brown-skinned, you're easily disqualified.  That's how our mentality is here.  Not me, though.  I like morena-skinned actresses like Tetchie Agbayani, Angel Aquino and several others who don't consider their skin color to be a problem.  They're even proud of it.  We should be.  

4.  Protection from crime and violence

In this day and age, crime is very rampant in our country.  But as much as possible, I tell my kids to keep safe by going out in groups or a buddy system so that in cases of emergencies, there is someone who could call for help.  

Like what we read in the news on the Internet, worldwide, news about children getting raped and killed.  I have a little girl and I have to keep her as safe as possible.  And I am praying for a safer environment and more people who would protect ordinary citizens like us.  

5.  Better healthcare

Well, in our case, health care is when you are able to afford paying an HMO, especially when you are employed.  But people who are unemployed, what then?  Health care is not a priority as hospital bills are so expensive that less-than-average people couldn't afford a ward.  Geez. 

6.  Affordable and nutritious food

Food is one of those things that people need to survive aside from having shelter, clothing, work, et cetera.  So we need more affordable foods like fruits, vegetables and meat.  Like if a person wants to go on a diet, his/her food would be priced highly because these are really costly, if the person is choosy and would buy it from a supermarket.  How could everyone have that nutritious and affordable food when most people buy cheap food in the ordinary markets, either wet or dry?

Vegetables are cheaper in the dry markets.  The special foods are found in high-class supermarkets.  Only the rich could afford those delicious food.  

Those are my top six.  What about you?  What's important for your family?  Take a peek and choose for yourself what your priorities are for your family.  The United Nations wants to hear from you.  Go to this page and vote for what's closest to your heart.  It will just take a few minutes of your time.  It's going to be worth it.  


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