Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Power Kids Run by Tiffany Chocolate

I was invited to the Power Kids Run by a PR guy-friend of mine from way back in 2002. Bloggers were part of the media who would cover events like these.

I got to be part of this momentous event and experienced food-tasting and sampling, checking out new products that will come out in the market or is already out in the market. The event was pretty much a success because it was something that the whole family could enjoy.

The organizers, Tiffany Chocolate, held their first-ever fun run in McKinley Hill just recently. It's only now that I got to blog about it. I have photos of it and I will post them in a while.

There you go. That’s just one of the photos that I took while the event was taking place. It was really crowded because the whole family was part of the affair.

I took photos of the booths that were there while the fun run was happening because most of the people were in the sidelines, watching the race that’s why the booths were empty at this time.

Then there were kids playing old school-type of games like the one below. Just looking at them made one feel, “Oh, shocks, we used to play that game a long time ago!”

This was the soccer game.

It's the Tender Juicy Hotdog mascot. He was entertaining the children and everyone else watching him.

This was a booth that would always be full of people because of their food sampling or drink sampling. But this time, it wasn’t swarmed with people - yet.  But people were starting to approach them already.

Another game that was a bestseller for the kids was the inflatable basketball ring by Purefoods.

Here’s something that I really like. The biggest plastic of pan de sal by Gardenia.

And then, a photo of my little E.J. with the mascot of a laundry service in Makati, Panda Cleaners.

I saw also this cute booth of Kinder Golf. Check it out, there’s the mascot of the Tender Juicy Hotdog.

The next booth is the Panda Cleaners.  As I have said, they're located in Makati.

The Pampanga’s Best booth while the staff was waiting for people to come to their stall after the race.

Now, here’s everybody’s favorite. McDonald’s. This booth was swarmed with people when the host, Suzie Entrata announced that they were giving away free toys for everyone who joined the fun run.

This is the Clara Ole Booth, which was right next to our Evian booth.

This was where the race was held, this was the starting and finish line.

This structure was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. Just don’t mind the inflatable can of Pocari Sweat, I think.

My two lovely daughters, Yuwii and E.J., joking around because I brought them to this event.

Of course, my blogger friends who were invited to this event. From left, Nica, Karen and Josie.

Nica with my daughter, E.J. Don’t they look alike?

Here’s another photo of them. Actually, E.J. didn’t want Nica to let go of her.

Nica and her daughter, Gabby, after her number was called and won some bag of goodies.

We didn’t go home early because the event was until early evening and people were eager to find out the winners and to claim their prizes.

The winners. Father and daughter or the mother and son tandem.

But all in all, it was a great event. I’m sure everyone went home with a lot of things in their hands. There were leaflets, flyers, brochures and other giveaways for the whole family.   And the picture shows all the participating companies of the fun run. 

And due to the success of this Fun Run, Tiffany will hold another Fun Run, this time with longer running distances. Not just up to 3K, these will be 5K, 10K and 16K that’s why it’s called POWER RUN. It will be held on October 10, 2010 and it will coincide with Tiffany’s Great Adventure grand raffle.

For more details, call 364.6201 & 0917.392.8343 or visit for event updates.

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