Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lou Diamond Phillips

Meeting Lou Diamond Phillips was never planned.  But unlike Cynthia Luster, I saw him just the same.  It was during the time when he was promoting his movie, "Bats," that he came to Manila and guested in ABS-CBN.  

I was having lunch with officemates in the cafeteria.  At one point, I saw Lou Diamond Philips come out of the conference room and alone.  Finding a piece of paper and a pen, I gathered all courage to approach the famous actor. 

I called him, "Sir, may I have your autograph please?" and he said, "Sure."  And he scribbled his name and signed the piece of paper I had.  Actually, when I approached him, some people saw this and followed suit.  When I left him, he was being swarmed by fans asking for his autograph.  

Was I bad or what?  I started the commotion.  Geez.  I didn't think other people had the same idea.  Or nobody wanted to take the risk of doing so.  But I always thought to myself when there are famous people around, take advantage of their presence because you only see them once. 

And so, that's my story of being a fan.  That's why every time I'm in the office, I would always bring a pen and paper along with me, just in case.  

See 'ya!   

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