Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Hans Montenegro Article

I was going through the magazines where I wrote articles.  There was one article that sort of stood out.  It was about Hans Montenegro.  I forgot I was able to interview him in 2005.  Imagine, that's been 4 years ago.  That fast, huh.  I was working for a new magazine back then as the editor-in-chief.  I was the one collecting articles for publication.  

I met Mr. Montenegro in one of those events that I went to.  I think it was a Sony press con.  He was the host of that event.  The opportunist that I was, I went up to him and introduced myself and asked him for his contact number.  Luckily, he gave it to me.  But now, I don't have his number anymore because that was kept in a phone that got stolen.  

Back to Hans.  So, the day after, I sent him a text message and asked for an appointment for the interview.  He mentioned a date and I went on that day.  I was quite excited since I was the one who was going to do the interview and write about him.  I also took pictures of him.  

After the interview, I discovered that he has stopped TV guestings, doing movies or soap operas.  He has gone into the corporate world but still in line with the broadcast industry at that time. 

Although it's been four years since that interview and I saw in LinkedIn that he's already a senior manager in Convergys.  I may scan that article and upload it here.  I will still have to buy my own scanner one of these days. 

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