Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the Office, finally

Hello, there! I'm here now in B&M office and I finally got a permanent job, not contractual, not just temporary, I mean probationary right at the start. I'm so happy that this company took me in and appreciates my talents. That I am worth hiring in their company. What more can I say? I should do well so that I would be regularized in 3 months or so.

I just am so lucky I was one of the chosen ones to be part of the document support centre of this company. I'm part of the voice file transcription specialist team. I'm more of a transcriber and I will get to practice my talent here.

Wish me luck!

Thank you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today, I made a boo-boo. I told a client that I couldn't finish the job and they almost reprimanded me for doing so. I should've told them ahead of time and that I shouldn't have made promises that I could accomplish the job in a certain period of time. Although I really did want to make the deadline longer but I wasn't certain they would do so. I feel like such a failure at this point. I should've told them earlier and gave them all back because I couldn't do it. I was even told that I could raise my price if it was difficult or something. I wasn't really after the difficulty or whatever it is, I was after the quality of the work to be done. It was really such a terrible thing that I did. I mean I couldn't really get my mind off of it. Well, I learned something - if I have a bad feeling about it, do not accept it. Yes, I learned my lesson. Actually, right at the start, it was really something like a disaster already. I could foretell it was because I wanted to back out already because I didn't have the proper equipment, they didn't want to let go. Number two, I wanted to see if I could do it, the girl was giving me just two tapes and she decided to give me all the tapes. Then, the next day, I called her and told her I don't think I could do it because it was really such a mess I mean the people in the tape were all talking at the same time that it was going to be hard for me to understand and it would take a longer time for me to transcribe it. But she told me to go on with it. I really wanted to back out then. But the girl was insistent.

But now, it seems it was all my fault that I failed. I still went on with the project. I feel so bad about it. It's my credibility that was at stake. And it's gone. But I guess I just have to face it bravely, without fear because we all are humans and we make mistakes. We should learn from them.

And to add to the injury, when I went to the BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE, I had cases that I didn't know existed. My gosh! I still had to pay taxes. I'm just a small fish compared to the famous actors and actresses who really run away from paying their taxes. I just can't imagine my life situation like this.

I'm not a criminal so why do I have to suffer this way? Is it karma? Because I've been so haughty against some people in the neighborhood? Well, whatever it is, it would all be over. Soon.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Wow! Finally, I got the answer to my prayers. I really prayed hard for it and I got it. That's what I have been trying to do the past few weeks. Just thinking positive and using the visualizations I've read in several articles over the internet, it really works. That's what the Secret is also trying to promote. It's believing that you have a powerful mind that gets you going, that makes things happen. All you have to do is to concentrate on that very thing that you want and think it's already there. Do this everyday and you will get what you want, without you knowing it's already there, just around the corner. Who knows, might be the next millionaire. Just let me know. It really helped me. I am not a millionaire, I just got what I was hoping and praying for.

Try it. You've got nothing to lose. Just have faith in whoever supreme being you believe in and think about that thing that you really want and for sure, you will get it.