Sunday, June 17, 2007

In The Office

There are so many things you learn when you're in the office. Like you have to type information in someone's contacts list, or you have to copy links to a file, or encode a voice transcription into an excel file, or just type in a transcription into a word file.

Or at times, learn from your officemates about life in general. They share experiences you've never encountered before. Or they'll share their insights on some thoughts.

You see, in life, we never stop learning. We learn new things everyday, we discover new angles to old ideas, that there was such a thing as this or that. When other people think that what they know is what's important. Well, it doesn't work that way. That idea may be passe already and it needs some polishing and it has to have more than what it already has.

This saying may not be related to what I'm discussing here but as what people say, there's always hope when you're alive and kicking. So, there's still a chance for those people who are living to change their ways, learn from their mistakes, learn how to bend and be humble and think about things in a different light and not to stick to what they believe in.

This doesn't just apply only to the office environment. This applies to every place we know - the school, the home, the church, wherever else you can think of.

Think about it.

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