Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Apprentice Asia Blogger's Night Event

Wow, I wasn't expecting that Celina Le Neindre nor Jonathan Yabut, both Philippine contestants from The Apprentice Asia TV show, to tweet back to me and tell me there's going to be a blogger's night last Friday.  That was like a day before the event.  I was busy all right with two transcription jobs at hand.  But I told myself, 'Hey, this is your chance to meet and greet them and have that photo op too.'

So, I went to the event and got to meet them at Papa John's Tomas Morato.  I was so excited to see them in person because I was just one of those who were watching them on TV and rooting for them.  But this time, I'd see them in person!  I thought that was so cool!

I was also surprised that Jonathan himself reminded me of the interview that I mentioned in one of my tweets.  Yes, I know, they're basically celebrities these days with all the media tour they've been doing.  But as much as I thought they'd ignore me, no, they didn't.  They'd tweet back.

In this event, they told us their experiences how it was really a journey for them to be with Tony Fernandes, the CEO who makes the decision of who to fire or who will stay.  So their 'life' depended on him.  His two advisors, Mark Lankester and Kathleen Tan, were basically the eyes and ears of Mr. Fernandes on every task they're assigned to work on.    


I would have more to say about Celina and Jonathan when I've finally gotten to interview them both, after the competition, when they're not that haggard and all.  This event was made possible by Papa John's Tomas Morato and AXN.

It was really good to see them and talk with them and have the photo op that I was talking about.  Seeing them talk about their side of the story even made it real and exciting.  I have videos of them and will post them on YouTube and you'll get to know what's on their minds.  But here, I hope photos will suffice.

Here's a link of their invite to watch The Apprentice Asia on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.  I'm sure it's going to be another thrilling episode.


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