Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Tarot Card Reading

Made a tarot card reading for the Chinese New Year and it all pointed to businesses.  For families in business, your business may prosper this year.  All roads point to families, emphasis on that, actually.  

But in general, for businesses that have been established, it will be successful.    

Although there may be tough competition present.  And if this persists, this shouldn't be a hindrance to being successful and making the right choices.  If you stumble and fall, there's nothing else to do but stand up, right? 

Then old ideas/choices/decisions have to be set aside.  It's time to make new ones and learn from the past. Changes will definitely occur.  Things will turn out for the better if changes are allowed to happen.     

Definitely, knowledge has been gained from those errors done that's why new ideas/choices have to replace old ones.  It is the start of a better journey. 

There may be people who want the easy way out.  But in life, there are no short cuts.  You just have to do the right thing to avoid unwanted circumstances. 

If there are still errors after making choices, one has to think things through and regain energy to face life once more.  

In summary, businesses will proceed and succeed as long as new ideas come forth and lessons have been learned.    

I may not be an authority on these matters, I'm just sharing a piece of my mind.  It may or may not be applicable to any one of you, but it may help most of you.  It's just my Chinese New Year reading.  

As I always say, "Only God knows the future and it is you who make the final decisions." 

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Anup Tiwari said...

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