Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Transcriptionist's Office

Hi, there.

I'm back. I just wrote a comment from my brother's blog about the gasoline price hike to around 60 pesos per liter. He wrote some issues about not buying from Petron or Caltex in June or not buying from Shell in July or something. All I know is that I made my comment there. He asked me to.

It wasn't a hard thing to do. I actually enjoyed it. I explained to people what I did for a living and where I work.

Well, I hope that people will get to read what I wrote even if my ending wasn't related to the body of my comment.

By the way, the title "The Transcriptionist's Office" will soon be a reality. I hope and pray when I start my own.

I'm a general transcriptionist, as I have said in my previous post. And I have big plans for this industry, I must say. I plan to stay long in this career since I've switched from being a writer to a transcriptionist.

Well, I guess, that's life. The inevitable happens.

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